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Reasons why fitness is important for hair growth

Have you ever asked yourself why doctors always call for working out when you go for a doctors appointment? This is because fitness is very important for the entire well being of the body. For centuries now working out has become one of the worlds most powerful solution for a healthy lifestyle. Working out improves the persons health and some people use it to boost hair growth.

Here are the reasons why fitness is important for hair growth:

Regular exercise could increase circulation in your body and increased circulation can stimulate growth in hair follicles or fix the your hair natural cycle.

Scientist have claimed that the hair growth process can be interrupted by mental and physical health problems, resulting in hair loss and exercise is known to improve health and mood. Working out will help discourage interruptions in the natural hair cycle which are things like stress and this leads to hair growth.

Now lets say that your hair cycle isn't interrupted, what does fitness do to your hair?

There is enough blood flow or more blood flow which would nourish your follicles greatly resulting in healthy hair growth.

Including fitness in your life could make a big change to your life as it can improve your health and mood thus restore your natural hair cycle which will lead to proper hair growth.

I find this video from #hairclub very interesting.

Remember that fitness may not be the only thing that your hair needs. It needs proper care just like any other part of your body. in case you need to know how to boost your hair growth, check out our blog that tells you more about it here and try our hair grow recipe here

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Disclaimer: This is based on my 5 years hair experience and those close to me.

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