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Here is your safety and peace of mind all in one package. This packet has a little bit of something that is now a daily need. Package includes what is shown in the photos and listed below:

-Hand sanitizer

-Phone, lense, tablet,lense wipes

-Toilet sheet covers

-Portable soap sheets

-Multi use touchless key ring Are you on the go and dont like to carry a bulky key chain hand sanitizer? The two individual pouches included in this package will come in handy. Do your glasses fog up from wearing your mask? Do you use your phone as a digital wallet? The included lense and phone wipes will be a big benefit to have. How many times have you gone to a public restroom only to find the stall is out of toilet seat sheets? The packet includes a pouch of ten. It is all way too often that we go to wash our hands and the soap bottle or dispenser is bone dry. Our packet includes a small case of ten soap sheets. You place one on your hand, add the water as you normally would and the sheet will lather. Aside from all the items previously mentioned the true stand out in this package is our no contact multi tool. You can use it as a hook to open doors, a bottle opener, or as a way to punch in your pin number while using your debit card or ATM. There are multiple uses that our customers utilize that tool for day in and day out. Purchasing all of these items one at a time would cost upwards of 35 dollars and are prone to be on a long standing back order log. All of our packets ship right here in the United States via USPS. As of July 4th 2020, all orders will include a pair of disposal plastic non latex gloves as an added value. Thank you, keep you and your loved ones safe.


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