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Why Nash Cosmetic?

Nash is cosmetic line that focus on hair growth and restoration. 
The oil is a mixture of multiple essential oil. each one of them hold a very unique benefit. 
We believe that chemicals are harmful for the human body that is why everything in our oil of natural ingredients. 

Also at Nash, 

we care about your overall well being and have introduced our Covid 19 safety kits. Your health is our top concern and want to promote safety.

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If you have ordered a Covid 19 safety kit from us, include your previous order number to save a dollar on ANY of our products on your next purchase.

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To claim your 10% off next purchase you must submit your order number. Freebies vary from time to time as to what's in stock and are not always guaranteed. By sending your photos and receiving your coupon code you consent to us posting your results on our social media.

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